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Breeding Information

So you think you're ready to let Princess have a litter of bulldog puppies. Have you done much research into breeding? Like the amount of time and effort it takes to raise a litter; the costs involved?

Did you know...

— Bulldogs are usually Artificially Inseminated to become pregnant
— Puppies are delivered via C-Section
— Puppies don't usually stay with the mother after being delivered, because the mother can lay or step on the puppy resulting in it's death.
— It's up to the owner to sit with the mother & puppies while feeding occurs (every two hours for the first few days and time increments increase very slowly over the next few weeks)
— If the mother is inexperienced or non-maternal, the owner must stimulate each puppy to eliminate after each feeding

These are just a few of the things you should consider before committing Princess to motherhood. I suggest you visit the Bulldog Club of America and American Kennel Club websites for more information on being a Resposible Breeder. If you do not belong to a bulldog club, please consider joining. There, you'll find experienced bulldog breeders that can mentor you through the breeding and puppy raising process. Your mentor should be a breeder that follows the BCA Code of Ethics.

When you are ready to find Princess a mate, you should refer to the Bulldog Club of America Illustrated Standard to find just the appropriate male; one that will complement Princess' good characteristics and help to make her offspring as close to the bulldog standard as possible.

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